“Tous les chats sont gris (la nuit)” feature film//.

Tous les chats sont gris slate

Last summer Thomas shot the feature film “Tous les chats sont gris”|”All cats are grey” directed by Savina Dellicour and produced by Tarantula.

The movie features an impressive cast such as Bouli Lanners (Rust and Bone, Les géants, Eldorado, Ultranova), Anne Coesens (Illégal, Ma vie en rose) and Manon Capelle.

Director Savina Dellicour.
Graduated from the National Film and Television School in London after a completing an MA in Fiction Directing and Screenwriting in Belgium. Her NFTS graduation film, Ready, was nominated for Best Foreign Film at both the Student Oscars and the TCM Awards. Savina’s follow up short, Strange Little Girls, was funded by Film Four and the UK Film Council. It won the Venice Award at the Singapore Short Film Festival and has been sold for distribution in several countries around the world.

The movie is set to be released around spring 2015.

Here you can find out more about the film:

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Some photographs Thomas took during principal photography.

Bouli Lanners © thomas buelens//.Manon Capelle © thomas buelens//.Savina Dellicour © thomas buelens//.Bouli Lanners ©thomas buelens//.Anne Coesens © thomas buelens//.Manon Capelle © thomas buelens//.usine © thomas buelens//.bokeh bokeh! © thomas buelens//.Juju © thomas buelens//.prive © thomas buelens//.

Behind the scenes

Cinematographer Thomas Buelenscinema

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