Carlsberg ~ Border Football//.

Thomas filmed an international campaign for Carlsberg titled “Border Football”. The film made it on the shortlist of Cannes Lions 2014 for Best Cinematography and Best Film.

Football, just like beer, brings people together.
To prove this, Carlsberg created a whole new game: Border Football. This game uses what divides people – borders, walls and fences – to bring them closer. We played at three of Europe’s most tense borders in Belfast (N-Ireland), Cyprus and Kosovo. The result was great: for a moment, people from both sides forgot the wall between them. They enjoyed the friendship and togetherness only beer and football can create. Using borders to bring people closer instead of setting them apart, that calls for a Carlsberg.

Directed by Jan Boon     Agency: Duval Guillaume     Client: Carlsberg Group     Produced by TRS

Watch the film here//.

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